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An incredibly scenic walk along the southwestern coast of Capri, past the blockhouses built by the British to defend the coast of Anacapri, leads sun worshippers to Punta Carena, the island's lighthouse, and the Lido del Faro.

The Punta Carena Lighthouse, named after the westernmost point of the Island, is the second most important and powerful lighthouse in Italy, standing on the rocky promontory named Punta Carena(Carena =keel) because it looks like the keel of a ship.

The lighthouse has been active since 1867; its construction began in 1862. It consists of an octagonal brick tower with lantern and gallery, above a two-story building. The lighthouse was repainted recently and is now white with red vertical stripes, and the caretaker's house is red.

The lighthouse has a rotating view that emits flashes of white light every 3 seconds. The focal plane is located 73 meters above sea level. The lighthouse has a range of 25 nautical miles (about 46 km), and is therefore defined as an offshore lighthouse. It is a 28 m (92 ft) octagonal masonry tower on a two-story house. It is one of the largest lighthouse in Italy, after the ones in Genova.

Particularly interesting are: the rocky indented coastline, the Mediterranean vegetation, the pine wood facing a small natural bay, the rocky ridge to the east with its so-called "Grotte dei Caciocavalli"and Torre della Guardia, the vast panorama admirable from the outermost point of the Carena, where the ruins of the fortifications of the Second World War are located, and finally the very Lighthouse, imposing over the surrounding landscape and expressing its major function as a point of reference for navigation.

This is a wonderful seaside resort for the sun shines from dawn to sunset (provided the weather is fine, of course), take a chance to enjoy one of these breathtaking sunsets as well as the spectacular night views: the Lighthouse in operation, the illuminated rocks, the starry sky and the moon of Capri, the lamps of Squid fishermen shining through the water and the returning fishermen pushing their typical small boats up the rocks.